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Baked heart attack

02.16.09 | Comment?

Yesterday, Dave and I helped Krissy move some of her stuff into her new place in Oak bay. Both her old place and her new place were really cool, and were pretty easy to move things in and out of. Which is good, because when Dave left me alone for a couple hours in the afternoon before going, I might have gotten bored, drank a few beers, ate some mushrooms, and got a little high. After we got all her stuff moved, Dave took me to see Irish =) , and then took me for another Veggie Patty sub! I asked them how many patties they had left and they said 11. That’s only 5.5′ of sub! and that’s all that’s left in all of Victoria!!! We came back to Dave’s, ate our subs, then smoked some weed. We came back inside and then after endlessly complaining about how all the mint chocolate chip cookies we made two days prior were now gone, Dave finally took the hint and went and made more. He was too lazy to make individual cookies, so instead we each got a cookie. Mine is on the right and has mint chocolate chips. Dave’s is on the left and has butterscotch chips. Gross.

Today I woke up with a sore throat, which I assume is a result of smoking too much yesterday. I spoke briefly with my friend Dallas who is getting ready to have his first child in May, and I’m sure will be an excellent father. I wish I had more money at the moment, I’d like to go see Dallas on my way back to Ontario. Now the rest of my day will be spent waiting yet again for the Purolator douche to bring my Xbox. It sounds like an easy job, but when you are so close to a major street, and every five seconds it sounds like a truck is pulling up out front, but you have no way to see, so you have to run to the window, only to find out it’s the fat whore down the road getting her carpets cleaned again it gets tiring.

I just want to be covered in zombie blood, is that too much to ask?

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