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02.17.09 | Comment?

It’s 5:40 am, and I just woke up with a horrible stomach ache. Probably a result of too many tacos for dinner last night, and then too much of those cookies below for dessert. I’m now rolling a joint to ease my pain (I swear), and to celebrate a little. I was talking with my brother last night about how I was starting to worry about my xbox, and thought there was a possibility it got lost somewhere. Up until just now Purolator’s web tracking said it left Toronto a week ago, and that was the last time there was any update on it. I just checked the site again and was pleased to see this:

2009/02/16 16:01 Left via VANCOUVER, BC depot

That is good news. I am dying to kill some shit, and I’m bored of my ps3. It might not be so bad if my ps3 friends (RYAN!!??!!) would play games with me. But I guess they are too busy having “lives” or “jobs” or something.

The best part about waking up early is being able to wake Dave up with the Benny Lava alarm clock!

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