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Sick day

02.20.09 | Comment?

I got up about an hour ago, after going to bed around 9:30 last night. I slept like shit, then woke up with a bad cough and really sore, really red throat. After expelling lots of gross gelatinous fluids from my face I made myself a licorice root tea, and am currently sipping it while going through some pictures I took yesterday at the beach near Holland Point Park. Dave and I took the dog there when he got home from work and walked around looking at rocks and different geological things that he knows all about. We found a nice point with a great view of the sunset and decided to sit and smoke a joint. We discussed theories on how the rocks we were standing on were formed, and then I saw what I thought was a dorsal fin surface then quickly re submerge. I pointed to where I saw it, and then it resurfaced again a little closer to us. This time I saw it was actually a sea lion. That is the first time I’ve ever seen a sea lion that wasn’t at Marine Land.

After it got too dark to hang out on the beach, we went back to Dave’s and ordered a pizza from this place. We had it the other night, and I’ve wanted it again ever since. Had to use my visa to buy it, but so the fuck what. It was fantastic. Then for dessert I ate three mini cheesecakes I got from a place called Cheesecakes 101 the day before. Today, I might start a master cleanse since I feel like shit and most likely won’t go anywhere, do anything, or eat. I’m also going to try really hard to not smoke any weed today, and decided last night I need to no longer smoke blunts exclusively.

Welcome back Rizla+ …

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