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02.21.09 | Comment?

It’s four in the morning and I can’t sleep. I slept most of the day and I’m wide awake now. I watched this shitty movie called Motel Hell earlier because Dave fell asleep with the remote in his hand, and I wasn’t feeling well enough to get up and change it. It was brutal. Some of the worst writing and acting I’ve ever seen. It did however, talk about something I’m all for. Solving the planet’s population problems by feeding humans to the hungry. Just the other day Dave and I got on the topic of eating humans, and I had suggested we try and find some Hufu. Too bad it wasn’t real.

In the minutes I was awake today (er, yesterday I suppose), I began to work on some things in Sketchup for the ISBA. I’m hoping I can do more work later provided I feel well enough to sit up at a desk. Trying to model things and move around in a 3D environment using my laptop touch pad is incredibly frustrating. I’m looking forward to setting up my other machine soon, and seeing what sort of shape it’s in. I haven’t used it in almost six months. As long as I can run Sketchup, and it doesn’t look like shit, I’ll be happy. It will also be nice to have dual monitors again. Since I’m modeling things off examples he’s given me, I really need more than one monitor so I can have both the example, and what I’m working on open at the same time.

** okay, it’s now 6:10 and I just finished working on some more Sketchup illustrations… I was in the middle of making this post and went to export an image of what I was working on earlier, when I got side tracked and recreated the entire drawing. That’s it up top…

Now I’m gonna smoke some weed and see if I can wake up a pretty lady and make her come talk to me.

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