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02.24.09 | Comment?

cheese pie

Dave and I made cheese pie the other day. We got a recipe off the internet, then we ignored the recipe and just made it how Dave figured it went. It turned out pretty good. And the first slice we cut looked yummy. I was still sick, so i didn’t want to eat it. Dave ate it, and said it was really good. Today I went to heat it up for dinner and I totally ruined it. I think it’s because Dave bought 8″ pie plates, instead of little 4″ ones. It could also be because I reheated it to quick or something I guess, because it all separated and looked like shit. That pie was supposed to be my dinner for the next two days while I’m alone here at Dave’s. Instead I ordered pizza from my new favorite pizza place. Dave and I got pizza from there twice last week, but both times he denied me on the spinach, claiming that if they didn’t put it on right, he’d hate the pizza. How could anyone hate spinach? on pizza no less. So, ruining the cheese pie was actually a bit of a blessing in disguise, because tonight I had the most spinachiest pizza ever, and I got it without marinara sauce so it went down so nice!

After dinner I walked to the Thrifty with my friend Michelle and got raspberry swirl frozen yogurt, some raspberries, and some raspberry ginger ale! Then we came back and smoked a fat blunt, and mixed it all up (minus the pop) then added some raspberry almond granola! Fuck I love raspberries.

Now it’s 3am and I’m wide awake. There’s infomercials on in the background, all of them selling some way to strengthen your core. I didn’t even know I had a core, so I’m guessing mine is pretty weak. I might buy a trampoline.

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