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03.25.09 | Comment?


Yesterday afternoon I got a package in the mail that I had been waiting for very impatiently. It was full of about two hundred and something drawings that I’m supposed to attempt to recreate using Sketchup. I was worried that I wouldn’t be capable of doing some of what the job requires, but after flipping through the pages a few times last night I’m confident I can recreate basically all of them without too much head scratching. Some of the drawings will be really fast, and simple. Some of the others will take a while and have some bits I’m really looking forward to making.

I’m really excited about getting this started. It will make me feel really good to complete this project, and know that I accomplished something on my own. I’ll gain more skills at modeling, and develop some type of portfolio at the same time. I’m not sure how far I want to go with the modeling, but I do really enjoy it, and I figure if I can’t find a job building timber homes, then maybe I can find one where I model them.

I also had a long talk with the owner of the ISBA yesterday. He was sharing some of his plans for the near future with me, and we briefly discussed the possibility of me teaching some sktechup basics at his school. I’ve never taught anyone anything before, and I’m guessing I’d be pretty bad at it, but I definitely want to think about that more. It could be another skill to add to my resume and things like that, but it would also be a great excuse to have to frequently travel to Gabriola. Who knows what will come of this, but either way I’m feeling excited about it.

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