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Cobras have eyelids?

03.30.09 | Comment?


I had a great weekend. It started out Friday with the Monster’s of Scholck show, which was amazing as always. I think that was my third time seeing the show, and the first time I had to see it standing up. At 6’4″ I have eyes higher than most of the people who were there, and I couldn’t see shit for half the show. I suppose I do tend to stand in the back though, so it’s probably my fault.

After the show we went to Mc Donald’s (gross), and everyone but me poisoned themselves. I got harassed by some fifty-something,  Italian drunk, and tried to be as polite as possible about telling him to leave me alone, that didn’t work. Drove home, dropped everyone off, then worked on Sketchup until 5:30 am.

The next morning I got up and did Sketchup until Holly asked me to go to look at flooring with her. Then she went to Vaughn for a party, and I did a few more hours of Sketchup, then went and picked up a childhood friend I hadn’t seen since probably grade 10 or 11.

We went to the Mansion House for a few beers, and sat on the patio, where I learned a valuable lesson. If you smoke weed like me, and sometimes don’t go out just because you know you won’t be able to smoke, wait until it’s just before or just after patio season, then go drink at places with outdoor patios. After a few drinks there, we went to meet up with my brother and his girlfriend at the Merchant Ale House. My brother was sloppy drunk when I got there, and that’s always a good time. I had only intended on taking a short break from working on my drawings, but that quickly turned into me coming home at 2 am.

Sunday morning, Holly and I went to IHOP for breakfast, then she rented some shitty movies to watch while I worked on Sketchup. I fucking love IHOP. I also love Gino’s Pizza. I got one late last night while I was up working on drawings.

I got to see lots of people I like this weekend. I hope I can do more of that.

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