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Crappy finger

08.01.09 | Comment?


I have gotten a few drawings done today, but I spent a bunch of time fucking around too. I’m taking a break now because my back is killing me from leaning over trying to look at the screen.

I haven’t seen another person at all today. It’s kind of nice, but it makes breaks less fun. I prefer to have someone to converse with. Usually either Dave or Ian is around whenever I take a break, so we chat for a few minutes, then I get bored and come back to work.

I was intending to write mainly to relax and just do nothing for a minute, but I’m already bored of it. I think instead I will give my computer a rest, and shut it down for 10 minutes while I go smoke a joint.

Oh, and that picture up there is of my first tattoo in almost 6 years. I use that finger to wipe my tears whenever I think about Captain, so it seemed like an appropriate knuckle tattoo. Jeff hooked me up with his friend Steve at Sacred Heart in Vancouver. He was quick and fairly light handed, and despite what I used to think, it DOES actually feel good to feel that feeling again. I always used to think people were just being douchebags when they said things like that, but I guess they were right. Douchebags.

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