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Sore backs, ninja robot attacks

11.18.09 | Comment?


Monday I went and helped the Dude do some work at his buddy’s house. It wasn’t a tough job, but it was a pain in the ass because we were on our backs the entire time, under a 24″ crawl space. It took us about 6 hours, but it looked pretty decent when we were done.

Yesterday I woke up and my back and knee were killing me. I hurt my knee last year, about this time, and it feels like I woke a sleeping giant somehow while crawling around on the pavement. Going up and down Holly’s stairs is brutal. Sitting in my chair at my desk is also brutal. I didn’t do much of that yesterday, nor do I plan to today.

I did spend some time at the desk with the Dude yesterday, making some changes to his winery model with him. Then he left and asked me to fix some geometry in another model he made, which is also part of the winery (the lab). I took a look at his model to see where he’d gone wrong, and I saw a few things I’ve been guilty of doing more than once. Nothing too major, but I decided hunting down the problems and solving them was more time consuming than redoing the entire model. It took less than an hour to recreate it, “improve” it, and put it in place to find out it was too large in two directions, and although it didn’t take much work, it was all for nothing.


The Dude came back late last night, and I showed him what was happening. His origilnal model is on the left, mine the right. In this view, you really can’t tell there is anything wrong with the Dude’s model, but mine certainly looks “neater”. The Dude decided to start over, but I’m not sure if he meant the entire model, or just the lab, or what.

Holly got home just as he left, and we had almost 4 entire sentences of dialogue before she passed out. I watched some UFC ultimate knockouts, then tried to sleep. It wasn’t happening so I threw on Idiocracy until my laptop started to get white hot. I finally fell asleep around 1:30. I woke up this morning feeling like shit. My back is killing me, nnd so is my knee. I should force myself to get my last drawings finished, but at this point I don’t think I can sit in that chair long enough to finish a single drawing.

I did manage to finally remember to transfer some images of a ninja robot I made a few days ago. He’s not as cool looking as I’d hoped, but I dig his sword and tribute logo. I’m calling him Gary the Gear driven Gaijin. I should have put some blood dripping off the tip of his blade. Oh well.

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