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The purpose of this blog is to make you sleepy

11.19.09 | Comment?


I just woke up at 4:20am and I’m sitting in bed next to Holly, listening to metal and being bored. My back is still killing me, and I can’t get back to sleep.

I spent 20 minutes petting Tabbouleh after I went down to use the bathroom. Apparently she’s pretty lovable in the early morning hours. I took another video of her stealing stuff yesterday (eggnog), but I think it might have been too dark. I’ll upload it later and see.

I need a new camera, and just the other day my mum offered me her old DSLR. I’d take it, but it’s just too big for me. I need one I can have on me at all times, like the one I have now. I think I’d prefer one with at least 640×480 video too. I suggested that if she had no other use for it, she let me trade it in at Henry’s, and try to get a decent new one for me. I did some searching online last night and found a decent deal on Futureshop.ca. I think I might just buy it on my credit card. I miss tons of good kitty photo opportunities because of my camera, and that just won’t fly.

Above is the robot I was inspired to make after the Dude busted my balls about my robots having too many right angles and square edges. He’s all coloured now, and sporting a sweet staff of justice. Now he just needs a name and designation. I’ve got nothing, so I’m taking suggestions.

Think I will put some IASIP on and see if I can fall back asleep for an hour or so now that my metal play list seems to have ended. You failed at making me sleepy blog. Thanks for trying though.

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