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Cobras make good coma companions

11.24.09 | Comment?


This weekend, Holly and I were fairly productive – if you don’t consider Friday evening (when Holly slept for over 13 hours) part of the weekend. We got lots of her Xmas shopping done, cleaned the house, visited with my parents, put up Xmas lights, and even decorated the stupid tree (ok, those last two we did yesterday, but since Holly was home I consider it the weekend still).

I also managed to get a few drawings done while Holly was napping. I have 4 drawings that James wants corrected, and one he faxed yesterday he had forgotten about completely, then that should be it for that book. Now it’s up to James whether I attempt to learn how to layout a book, or move on to the second book’s illustrations. My preference would be to just work on layout for now, and wait to start the log drawings until I’m back at the ISBA with James. It is definitely easier to work through this stuff when we’re in the same place. I say  that with absolutely no idea what is involved in laying out a book, or what program I will use to do so. I’m sure I can figure it out, and I’m hoping it will be somewhat interesting, or fun.

The sooner I can start making a regular paycheque the better. I hate not being able to contribute to the finances. I want to be able to spoil Holly and the boys, and give them things like Nerf guns and egg nog milkshakes. Look how happy egg nog milkshakes make her, can you blame me? She spoils me and I don’t even deserve it. I’m just incredibly lucky I guess.

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