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Bongbot blasts books

11.25.09 | Comment?


I didn’t end up uploading the images off my mum’s DSLR today. Instead I talked to my friend Ryan, who I hadn’t spoken with in a long time, then the Dude came by and had me help with his model. Then I got a brutal headache, took some pills, and had a nap. I woke up around 6pm, and Holly said she’d been trying to wake me for an hour or so. We went to the Mandarin for dinner (first time since they got busted for reusing uneaten food off people’s plates), then Holly passed out shortly after we got home.

I decided to do some more work on the book, since Holly brought home two faxes James sent me yesterday. One was a new drawing he had forgotten about, the other was a drawing I did which needed corrections, but a written explanation wasn’t working for me (I often need pictures). I managed to get all the work I currently had left on the book done in the last 6 hours, plus I snuck in a conversation with James. I gave him a minor progress report and told him to expect everything tomorrow in an email. I asked what he wanted to do next, and he told me to see if I can figure out In Design. Looks like that’s what I’ll spend my morning doing (after I send the email of course). He also mentioned something about paying me (hooray!).


*Bongbot did not actually shoot the timber book. This is just an old image I never used for anything, and happened to find tonight.

Fooled you.

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