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03.20.10 | Comment?


The other day Roan asked me if I could make his favourite guns from Nazi Zombies, in Sketchup. I said I could try my best, and started on his first favourite – the PPSH. He wants me to model them, so that we could combine the two and see how “pro” that would be.

After about 5 minutes of watching me go, he got tired of it and went to watch Gage play video games. I put it on hold, and picked it up again yesterday. I finished it off, and decided to render it in Indigo.


It turned out pretty good, aside from the textures. I’m not really happy with the way the wood grain turned out, and the metal looks too perfect, but whatever. It looks pretty awesome still, and it will work just fine for what Roan wanted.


The next one I have to model is the MG 42. It’s very similar looking as far as the barrel goes, but it’s got a weird muzzle, and a much more detailed body. It also has a bi-pod which should be pretty fun to make.

Here’s what a PPSH really looks like, and here’s what the MG looks like. Tune in soon to see what a hybrid version of the two looks like!!

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