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Captain cobra

03.24.10 | 1 Comment


Yesterday Mary Beth came by for an afternoon visit while I was working. She brought me a model her dad found of the Enterprise (1701-A). Her parents have an antique shop, and her dad comes across all kinds of cool things while going through people’s estates.

Whoever owned it originally made an attempt at completing the model, but seems to have given up at some point and possible started disassembling it. As soon as I opened the box I started putting it together. I can’t decide if I’m going to paint it. I’m not good with little details, and it’s full of them. I also have to figure out if the lights and sound work, before I go to the effort of chasing wires all through the nacelles, and up into the saucer section. They appear to be in fine condition, but when I put the batteries in nothing happened. I noticed quite a bit of corrosion on one of the terminals (looks like a battery leaked in there), so I need to clean that off before I go any further. If the board is dead, I’ll just cut the wires and build the ship without a fixed stand, or lights and sounds. It will still look totally badass.


One of the coolest parts of it all was the box and manuals. The box was crinkled and slightly damaged, but Mary said she could fix it and offered to frame it for me. I forgot to get a picture of it before she took it back with her, but I took some photos of this certificate thing that was also in the box.

I’m not sure what it’s purpose is, but it’s got sweet line drawings of the Enterprise, along with transcripts of Picard’s logs. The image is too small to see, but if you could, and you were as nerdy as I , you’d know that they are all from the two-part episode Unification, where Spock is duped by Romulan Senator Pardek in a plot to destroy Vulcan, and Picard (with the help of Gowron) and Data pose as Romulans to rescue him.


I’ve got this flattening under some books right now, along with the assembly instructions. I would like to frame them both eventually. I love them.

I need to get some steel wool, and see if I can fix the terminal. If I can, I’ll chase all the wires and see if I can talk a certain ceramic master into painting it. As much as I want the lights and sounds to work, I would be ok with copping out and just gluing the plastic parts together – no paint, no decals. That would be a whole lot easier.

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