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More cobra colophon candidates

03.25.10 | Comment?


Here is my latest rendering of a possible new blog logo. I changed the angle of his cone, and moved the text based on Mary Beth’s suggestion. I like this one quite a bit, but I wish I had a more powerful machine to render this stuff. I guarantee it would look so much better if I could let it render fully, but I need my machine for other things, and can’t do much while anything is rendering.

I’m hoping that once we get a new PS3, I can setup the old one with Linux (with the help of Jon and I’m sure lots of Google), and use it either alone or networked with my machine to render things a lot faster. I’m not so sure it will work, but if it does I imagine it will greatly reduce rendering times. The PS3 is a graphical powerhouse I’ve been told.


I messed around with this image in GIMP for a few minutes while sizing it up for this post, and I made a couple variations I kind of like. It’s interesting to me how I can spend hours rendering something and it looks cool, but then I can click a few sliders in GIMP or Photoshop, and bwammo! it’s instantly even cooler.


And then there’s this one, which I really like, but it’s a weird contradiction. I spent all those hours rendering, and then you can’t even see the details. However, it still looks awesome in my opinion. I want to try making a logo that looks very 8-bit, and very Cobra Triangle-esquecobra6copy5

Sort of like this, but better. This is just be tweaking the contrast in GIMP, but it’s given me some ideas for how to make it cooler using Sketchup. It’ll have to wait for now though, as I have lots of work to do on the book.

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