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Right Side


On top of working on the layout of James’ book, lately I’ve been doing lots of drawings for his residence (which he hopes to be living in before winter I believe). Until yesterday, I thought I was making these images so he could pass them to his engineer, and the engineer could use them to create official drawings. After a  phone call with James in the afternoon, I found out he was wrong, and the engineer now wants me to be creating AutoCAD files.

I said that was impossible as far as I know, but gave him some other options. basically the guy’s complaint is that these drawings are too ‘design’, not enough ‘technical’. I agree, but it’s James who asks for these things, and approves them, so I just do what I’m asked.

Left Side


Rear View


These are elevation drawings I did yesterday, while awaiting a response from him regarding whether or not I should do them. He took too long (not his fault, there is three hours between us), so I just did them and had them done before he called.

Originally they were perspective views which looked 3d, but after talking to him I switched to a parallel projection, and made them look more like industry standard elevations. These still need dimensions if they’re going to be used, but I won’t bother with all those details until I know if these are what he wants or not.

foundation floor post detail

Here is a detail drawing of the typical foundation wall, and footing for the house. It’s got a butt-load of rebar, an elaborate anchor pin setup, 2″s of extruded polystyrene , and a pressure treated sill. This drawing also shows the plans to include radiant heat lines through a poured concrete floor, which sits on top a boxed sub-floor. When it’s finally done, this place is going to be awesome.

foundation detail2copy

And here’s a 3d/x-ray view of the footing/foundation wall/rebar/pin/sill for all you cobras who can’t get enough of my super exciting construction creations. I dig this stuff, but that’s because I made it. I can see how this would bore the pants off of most people. If you’re one of those people, sorry. If you’re an engineer and you love AutoCAD, but can’t figure out how to convert a .jpg to a .pdf, fuck you.

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