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Cobra conniption coming soon

03.31.10 | Comment?


I’ve been really busy since last week trying to get the Post and Beam section of James’ book done, before his classes start on Monday. I spent 16 hours working on it Monday, then sent it off to James. He looked at it and  loved it, but had a few issues. Luckily I had already noticed the things he was troubled by, and had fixed them before he even called me. He said everything was great and I told him I’d be able to have the finished product to him this morning. I was so pleased to be so close to meeting my goal.

James apparently printed a copy of my rough draft to take with him to the restaurant he was going to for dinner, and while looking it over, he happened to bump into someone who is a bit of an expert on books I guess. This woman said “change this, change that, make this bigger, I need to see this…”, and James wrote it all down. He called me when he got home, and I got the list.

I am so discouraged now, as I have to go back and basically redo everything from page one. It wouldn’t be so bad if it was because I fucked up, but it’s not. The major pain is going to be resizing the text – it grows, text shifts, images need to move – and all I have to do is scale it one size larger. This is incredibly frustrating because I had already created 60% of this thing with that larger text, and then changed it at James’ request. It took me hours to fix then, and it’s going to take twice as long now, considering I have 30% more pages at this point.

I felt like shit yesterday and slept in. My plan was to work on making corrections once I felt okay, but then my brother called and needed help with his project. I needed a break from the book, so I had him come get me and we spent the day modeling busways and support systems. When I got home my brother sent me an email asking me to make changes because we misplaced a busway. I fixed it and sent it back to him, then I played with it this morning to see if I could make an .avi of the walk-through, but my machine kept failing to load a codec and refused to render it.

I chose to just make another animated png (above), but had to leave out over two thirds of the scenes because it was too large to post here. This is just a view of some of the busways and trays. It’s completely useless, but it makes a good companion to this complaint – even more so now that my brother just called asking me to redo a bunch of this stuff over because his group changed things on him. It’s not his fault, but it’s annoying that we spend all that time, and because someone decides to pretend order their pretend parts from a different supplier, we now have to spend an hour or more changing everything.

Everyone should just do things the way I tell them to from now on.

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