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WYR world junior championship qualifiers

03.31.10 | Comment?


Last night, Holly and I took Roan and his friend Josh to the YMCA to swim while her and I did our “Getting Fit” routine. On the way home, the back seat turned into a “Would-You-Rather?” arena. Holly and I turned down the radio to listen, and I wish I would have had my camera, or thought to pull out my mp3 player (it has a mic and records up to 2 gb), because it was hilarious.

Roan: Would you rather… eat 100 bowls of slugs, no! wait… 5 bowls of slugs..

Josh: In how long?

Roan: I dunno.

Josh: Okay, let’s say an hour.

Roan: Okay, 5 bowls of slugs in one…

Josh: How big are the bowls? Like regular size bowls?

Roan: Like cereal, ya. Okay, 5 bowls of slugs in 1 hour, or kiss Hannah?

Josh: For how long?

Roan: 5 minutes

Josh: Oh, I’d eat slugs.


Josh: Would you rather… eat that big Canadian flag back there, or kiss (some girl from Roan’s class) for a minute?

Roan: Ew, I’d eat the flag!


Roan: Would you rather… have to live the rest of your life like it’s Nazi Zombies, and you have unlimited life, and unlimited health, and really awesome guns, or…. would you rather be a troll?

Josh: I’d be a troll.

Roan: You would?

Josh: I would get tired of killing zombies, I’d want to take a break.

Roan: Okay, for only until round twenty then.

Josh: How long would that be?

Roan: Uhm, about three days.

Josh: I’d kill zombies I think.

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