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04.21.10 | Comment?


I almost forgot to post this guy. I made him one day because I wanted to make something new but didn’t have much time. He’s super simple, and after I made him I decided it would be awesome if I had a rapid-prototyper and could make a much cooler version of Barrel of Monkeys using pudgy little robots. That’s where this image began, but I couldn’t figure out where to go with it so it became a robot eating robots. I still might make another rendering that tries to mimic a kid playing Barrel of Monkeys with a big pile of robots.


I also liked the way he looked in the dark, but his emitters weren’t enough to illuminate all of him (or even enough of him to make out the overall silouette) on their own, so I added a second robot, then a third, and it still wasn’t enough. I decided to add another object that was positioned infront of all the models which emits bright light. It brings the light up enough for me, but I have no explanation as to what it is, or why they are crowded around it as a family. If I wasn’t thinking about a million book related issues right now, I’d spare some brain and make up a back story. For now, just enjoy the pretty pictures.

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