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This Iambic pentameter smells like tuna!

04.21.10 | Comment?


The last few days roan has been hounding Holly about going to see the kitties at the Humane Society. He is always talking about how I have Tabbouleh, Holly has Kanika, and Gage has Oliver. He has no kitty, so he insisted we take him to find one that would be his.

He only had a half day of school today, so he was home around noon. He and I walked to his friend Zoe’s house around the corner and found a lovely sight. We came back and I hung out with my friend Ryan for the rest of the afternoon. Holly got home around 3pm, and immediately Roan was on her about going to see the kitties.


Holly hadn’t intended on bringing one home per se, but apparently this guy was too cute to leave behind, and he even “chose” Roan. I was outside on the front porch when they pulled up, and I instantly noticed the box in the back seat.

His name is Shakespeare. Apparently his name wasn’t Shakespeare, but rather a Shakespearian character’s name which was too hard for the Humane Society people to pronounce so they changed it to Shakespeare for ease. It’s a decent name so Holly decided to keep it.


He’s super lovable, and not even remotely shy. The other cats are hissing and growling at him a lot, but he doesn’t seem at all bothered by it. It’s quite the contrast from when Tabbouleh came home and camped under the bed for two weeks. I wasn’t thrilled to hear he was all black, but after spending five minutes with him I can tell I’ll never have to worry about him doing something like this:


That’s what my brother’s asshole cat did to him last week for no reason whatsoever. Clearly not all black cats are dicks.

Just a few hours in, and he’s already sleeping on the couch between the boys like he’s been here forever. None of the other cats like to chill with people, so hopefully this little man will. He’s super soft, and awfully cute.


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