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F***ing a dead fish

04.24.10 | Comment?

Yesterday morning I was cleaning up a bit while Roan was eating breakfast, and when I took some recycling downstairs I noticed a floater in Roan’s fish tank. I’m not sure if it died of natural causes or as a result of Tabbouleh’s constant attempts to grab one – I figure she either successfully grabbed one, or her unrelenting attacks took a toll on one of their tiny hearts and it just croaked. Either way I figured she’d have some fun with it, or possibly eat it, so I used the net to fish it out (weird how you fish fish huh?) and brought it up to show her. I showed Roan and he was sort of bummed for a nanosecond, then I said “Should we let the cats play with it?”. He instantly changed his mood and was all for watching them destroy what little dignity that dead goldfish had left after floating unnoticed for who knows how long.

We decided to put the now mostlygreyfish in their water dish, and Oliver came over right away to inspect. He licked it a bunch, but as always licking noises near the food dishes alerts the Chubster. Once she saw what was up she pushed him out of the way and started trying to eat it. I ran upstairs to grab my camera and the rest is all above.


Afterward we gave it a proper burial next to some lovely birthday cake remnants, and pop tarts wrappers in the trash bin.

*Weird how blanking out letters can automatically turn something harmless into something that seems disgusting.

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