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Elevation frustration

06.10.10 | Comment?

scribble elevations2

I’ve been working on some elevation drawings for James’ house. Normally houses have a north, south, east and west elevation. This house is huge and has multiple gable ends. This means I have 3 gable end drawings along with 3 side elevations and none of them have been much fun. I just finished my third revision of each drawing, along with a site plan, and a foundation plan view, and hopefully that is it for that project.

I think all I have to do now is put everything together in a large multi-page .pdf, but I’m not sure until I talk to James. I regularly run into communication problems with him, which I believe can be attributed to his lack of computer knowledge, and our constant failure to both be looking at the thing we’re discussing at the same time.

Once this is over and done with I have to go through the entire book with him over the  phone, so we can sort out all the edits. Originally he offered to mail me his version that he’s been scribbling edits in, but the other day he decided we should just do it over the phone. He says there isn’t much that needs fixing, so it won’t take long. Hopefully that means I won’t have a ton of text to shift when it comes time to edit. But again, this could be a matter of him not understanding computers, and I could be looking at a month worth of work and a two hour phone call.

I suppose I should be happy to be employed, but I want to build stuff.

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