Holiday art, EQAO preps.

06.10.10 | Comment?


Roan brought home a butt-load of school work the other day. Mixed in amongst some tests was some art and a Mother’s Day gift he forgot about. Above is an image of fireworks going off on Victorea Victoria Day, and just below we have our newest piece of refrigerator art: The Lost Mother’s Day Gift.


And then we have an example of one of Roan’s tests. He did pretty good on it, and might have done even better if his teacher understood his answers a little better.


Question 1:

a) unlikly

b) likly

c) posaball

d) inposball

Question 2:

a) certain = catch

b) unlikely = I’m 2

c) impossible = british colomba

d) likely = I’m 9

I love how he got the black crayon from the top image all over his test because he was just colouring so intense and didn’t realize he was colouring on it. I also love how the first answer makes no sense at all to me, but the third one is crystal clear – “impossible = british colomba”. He wants to go see BC so bad, but he knows we can’t go this year. His teacher obviously didn’t make that connection since she marked it with a question mark.

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