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Last night, Darth Vader came down from planet Vulcan and told me that if I didn’t update that he’d melt my brain.

06.24.10 | 2 Comments

floor plan new3

I haven’t been updating much recently mainly because it’s too goddamn hot upstairs to sit with the laptop on me, and also because I’m mega-lazy. I suppose I could start writing blog entries from my desktop machine, but that means sitting in a leather chair which makes me almost as hot as the laptop. Plus, I enjoy writing while relaxing and not while I’m sitting at the desk I work all day from. I have made several attempts at updating but I seem to either lose interest or start to get tired and just pack it in. Then I forget what I was going to say and another update free day goes by.

This morning I’ve moved my laptop into the basement where it’s nice and cool, and there’s a t.v. to keep me background entertained. So here goes another attempt!

I have finally finished the drawings for James’ residence (I think, but I’m sure that will all change soon once he has a really close look at it), and he’s sent them off to his engineer. Above is the new floor plan, complete with the enormous deck James forgot to mention until the day he expected the drawings to be on his desk. It was quite a lot of work, and nothing was easy. I also had to use 3 different programs to create it because his engineer refuses to look at any image that isn’t in .pdf format, and because Sketchup has some annoying idiosyncrasies when dimensioning in 2D which force me to touch up every thing in Photoshop or GIMP afterward.

Regardless of how annoying the work was, this house is going to be pretty amazing. I still think it looks like the Flux Capacitor, and I’m considering asking James to put blue strip lighting along all the roof ridges.

In total there was about 15 images which make up the blueprints for his house. I figure the above one is the least technical looking (therefore probably the most interesting to people who don’t care about building). If you’re interested in seeing a slighlty larger version just click the image.


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