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06.24.10 | Comment?


Now that I’m finished with James’ residence drawings it’s time to get back to the book. I’m still working on fixing text sizes in images, and I have to get all the manuscript edits from James. He’s been compiling a list of errors and edits that I need to take care of, and now we need to spend some time on the phone going over the book basically page by page. I know you’re probably thinking “There’s got to be an easier way Cobra!!?!?”, but you’re wrong. There’s a million easier ways. None of them however, are as little work on his end as talking over the phone.

Since this week is his last week of the log course, he’s really busy, and likely won’t have time to make that call. I decided to use some of my free time to get on a request my brother made for a robot of his soon to be born child. Some of you Cobra cohorts might recall my xmas gift of robot art I made for my brother and his girlfriend Lisa. My brother is interested in using the models I’ve created to make comics to document his families early days. I think it’s a really cool idea, and I’ve been missing making robots and rendering things, so I spent a few hours the other night working on the model above.

My brother believes his child will be born a rock god. They still don’t know the sex, so I just assumed the uber-potent Cobra genes will guarantee a male offspring. I figure if it turns out female, I’ll just add a little hair curl or something and make the rattle glow pink instead of red (if I’m allowed). I had tons of fun making it, and I keep thinking of more and more I could add. Perhaps when I get back from lunch with my mum, I will do some more modeling. Although, I really want to spend some time today checking out a handful of render plugins for Sketchup. Jon sent me a link to a guys blog that turned me on to a bunch of things I’m curious about.

Click the image for a slightly larger version.

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