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Dude, where’s your gas?

06.25.10 | Comment?


So this morning I was eliminating tangos with some friends, and the Dude messages me asking if I’m busy and would I like to go hit some golf balls with him. I said sure since it’s such a nice day out, and I enjoy hitting things. The Dude said he’d come get me around 2pm.

If you know the Dude at all you obviously know he lives by a dynamic clock, and in the past “Five minutes” has meant anywhere from 2 hours to 3 days. I therefore felt it necessary to stress the importance of my being back home to Holly’s by 3:30 for when Roan gets home from school. Luckily he was right on time (if you’re a Dude) and arrived at around 2:20 to retrieve me. He was driving a white jeep someone lent him while his Mercedes is being looked at.

He took the scenic route to the range after stating “I don’t trust this thing enough to take it on the expressway.”, and a short time later we ran out of gas at the top of a hill. We coasted down the hill, managing to maintain the posted limit the entire time and finally came to a halt at a stop light about 2km from where we stalled. We left the jeep and walked over to the gas station near the on-ramp. After a bit of a hike we returned with a can of gas, and several attempts at starting later we were back on the road with our new goal of just taking me home before Roan got there.

Less than two minutes after we were cruising towards the gas station so the Dude could fill up, he reaches over to pull a cigarette out of his pack and a $20 bill along with a $10 bill get caught in the wind ang go flying. The $20 luckily caught a down draft and fell to the floor, but the $10 took off out the window.

After a sudden U-turn we quickly located the airborne bill and got back on the road. We got back just in time, and I honestly couldn’t care less that I didn’t get to hit a golf ball. In fact, it might be my best round of golf ball whacking I’ve ever had.

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