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Assualt rifles by Rousseau

06.27.10 | Comment?


Holly’s dad brought over some guns he and the boys made out of wood this morning. They actually made them a few weeks ago, but they needed some extra work and then a coat of camo paint. The two large ones are modeled after Roan’s favourite Call of Duty gun the ACR. They look pretty awesome for being made out of scraps of wood and a piece of copper pipe. The smaller one is a mini-uzi. And of course, no commando would be caught dead without his bowie knife.

I kind of want to get a nice piece of wood and carve a gun for him.  I’m dying to make stuff, but no longer have a shop or most of my tools. I have a bunch of ideas for how to make some sweet guns that have moving parts and things that come apart (like ammo clips, and scopes), and I’d love to make him both a rubber-band gun and a cork gun similar to the ones I had as a kid (although I’d make his cork gun a double barrel). I suppose I have enough tools here to make some neat stuff, but I need materials.

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