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Cobra controlled burns

06.30.10 | 2 Comments

Last night I went outside for a moment, and noticed a massive pile of ants on the back patio. We don’t own Raid© so normally Holly will pour a pot of boiling water on them. I figured if I was going to commit insect genocide, I might as well do it with some pizzazz. I grabbed the camera and lighter fluid, and one minute and ten seconds later I not only had the infestation issue solved, but also a nice warm snack.

Originally I was going to post the video with it’s natural soundtrack, but the crackling of souls is deafening. I then attempted to overdub some Bon Jovi, but quickly aborted when I realized it was more effort than 5 clicks on youtube. I decided to go with the free easy stuff that is catalogued over on youtube, and chose a track based on two criteria: no lyrics, relevant name.

So please enjoy these horribly violent images, and the musical styling of two random dudes who could very well be ant rights activists but because they named their free song on youtube “Into the Flames 2″, they are now part of the global ant roasting machine.


No ants were hurt during the filming of this production – they had their souls incinerated on a sub-molecular level, which I assume is painless.


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