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Mighty Monster, Noble Nan and the X-Fam

07.11.10 | Comment?


Holly and I finally got over to see the Mighty child on Friday afternoon. It was the first time we got to see him outside of the hospital. I saw his little bracelets on the coffee table and I had to grab a picture. Hopefully this child shares my brother and my personality and when he gets older he will love to see these things and appreciate their awesomeness in the same way.


This is me nervously holding the most delicate thing I’ve ever touched. I was terrified I’d drop him or squeeze a little too hard. He’s only 8 days old in this photo, and he is huge. His legs were all wrapped in his Snugli® and he lied perfectly still for the first five minutes or so. When he finally kicked his legs slightly and I immediately thought I was getting pooped on.


I held him a little while longer, then handed him back to Holly. I think girls are more connected to babies. Or maybe I am just bad at babies.


Holly is great at babies. She’s had tons, and is already an aunt. She’s assured me Felix is nowhere near as delicate as I think he is, and I’m sure she knows. Plus, he’s Mighty. With a capital M.


Yesterday I went back to visit while Holly watched the boys, and I saw my cousin Cory I hadn’t seen since my Gram died, as well as my parent’s (and their awesome car they really want to let me drive). I got a picture of Mighty Felix with his Noble Nan, then shortly after we all left and let the parents have some time without visitors (something I think they’ve had a shortage of recently).

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