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Not Another TEAM Movie

07.11.10 | Comment?


Thursday night Holly took me and the boys to the drive-in. We decided to see Knight and Day and A-Team, although Roan would have preferred to watch Karate Kid and Grownups. I told him the old Karate Kid movies were awesome, and that my “cobra” moniker was inspired by them so now I have to download them.

We took bets that Roan wouldn’t be awake for the second movie, but he managed to see the first ten or fifteen minutes. The next morning, he told Holly why he fell asleep.

Roan: Mom?

Holly: Yes love.

Roan: So, like, the reason that I fell asleep during the scond movie is that I just wasn’t into a team. Like, the first movie was good, but like I just didn’t care about a whole team.

Holly: Yea, Okay!

Roan: What?!? It’s true!

In my opinion the A-Team was the weaker of the two movies, but I’m surprised both boys passed out during it. It definitely had more action and less romance or adult humor than Knight and Day, yet both boys barely lasted the first act. I actually enjoyed Knight and Day, and I’ll probably watch it again some day. I hate Tom Cruise, but it was like a Bourne movie that wasn’t so serious.

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