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Baby Barbarian

07.12.10 | Comment?


Here’s some Mighty renderings I made over the last few days. I’ve added a cape and battle axe at my brother’s request, as well as some hair which I felt was appropriate (he’s got more than his father already, a regular occurrence in our family it seems).

I think I’m going to make a version of him with P.J.’s on. Every baby (robot or not) wears P.J.’s. I’m thinking it would be sweet to make him P.J.’s with little humans all over them since Holly and I got Felix a pair of P.J.’s with robots on them. Not sure how hard it would be, so I might have to cop out in a couple ways (i.e. wingdings, clipart).


I did this rendering without any light source except for the light emitting materials in the model (as oppossed to background/ambient light like above). I will turn both into desktop wallpapers for myself and my brother, because I can’t decide which I like better. You can view slightly larger versions by clicking each image if that’s what you’re into.

I think the next time I am bored, with nothing to do, I will download and fiddle with a different renderer for Sketchup. I have seen some that work lightning fast compared to Indigo, but I’ve refrained from trying them thus far due to lack of motivation to learn another new program I can’t afford.

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