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Coach Cobra’s crash course in cheating

07.18.10 | Comment?

Last year, when I was staying with Jeff and Dawn in Vancouver, Jeff and I would regularly play Nazi Zombies on his PS3. We never had much luck, rarely ever getting past the second round of dogs. Back then we had no strategy. Now I play with Holly almost once a day. Her and I can get to round 25 or so without any major problems, and just the other night set a new record of 33 rounds survived! One of the things that helps us survive so long is that we exploit a glitch which gets you a third gun.

I have been playing with Jeff in the mornings a lot lately, now that I have my headset back and a working PS3. Jeff and I regularly die before round 5. Once or twice we made it as high as round 18, and I convinced Jeff to attempt getting a third gun. He failed and his gun (along with his interest in playing) was lost.

Today Holly and I made a video of me getting a third gun, and I posted it to Youtube. I sent a link to Jeff, and hopefully he sees it. If any of you Cobra Comrades are tired of killing meat sacks with only 2 guns, just watch the above video tutorial.

*Special thanks to Holly for her excellent cinematography (it only took two takes!).

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