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Chubster and the backyard lanyards

07.20.10 | Comment?


Last week, Tabbouleh wasn’t acting like normal so Holly and I took her to see the vet. They said she was sick for sure, and appears to have herpes (probably from when she was young) but there seems to be more wrong. She’s vomiting a lot, and barely eating. She sits with her head hovering over the water dish (or sometimes in, as seen above) and has very little energy. They gave us antibiotics, and they seem to have helped a bit, but I’m worried it’s something worse. The vet said she could have any number of life threatening diseases that might have sat dormant until something triggered it. She seems to get better, then worse, then better again. She still barely eats, and she moves at only a walking pace (unless I’m chasing her down to give her medicine).


We decided to get Tabbouleh a variety of foods to maybe appeal to her more, but nothing seemed to work. While at the pet store, we picked up a harness and leash so Roan could take Shakespeare outside. That lasted a few minutes, Shakespeare pretty much just froze, and Roan got bored.


Kanika was also a little freaked out by the harness, but at least went and explored a little. Eventually she found a spot she really liked, and was loving it outside. Oliver hated every second of it, and cried until we took him inside. I’m hoping when Tabbouleh gets better she likes it, but I’m still kind of doubtful she’s on the mend.

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