Cobra Inquisition: Animals

08.15.10 | 1 Comment



A little while ago I had an idea to ask Roan and Dallas a series of questions. I figure they both have a tendency to let their imagination travel to weird places, and could provide some humorous blog material. It also might be interesting to compare their responses given the 20 year age gap.

Here is the first installment of The Cobra Inquisition: Animals

-What’s your favourite animal?


-What animal would you most like to ride?

-How many ACR rounds do you think it would take to bring down a T-rex?

-Would you eat a T-rex? (if it wasn’t full of bullets)

-Who do you think would win in a fight; a monkey riding a donkey with a .50 cal mounted on it, or a magic dolphin?

-Would you rather have the ability to fly like a bird, or stay under water like a fish?


-Do you miss the dinosaurs?

-What’s your favourite colour of dragon?

-What is a hybrid?

-If you could combine two animals together to make your own hybrid, which two would you combine, and what would you call the new animal?

-Why do you think tigers and zebras have the same type of stripes?

-If you had to fight cow with your bare hands, what would your plan of attack be?

-If you won the fight, would you eat the cow?

-What animal scares you the most?

-If you could have your own army of one kind of animal, what kind of army would you have?


-Can you draw your favourite animal? or the hybrid you created?

-If all the animals turned to zombies, what weapon would you want to defend yourself?

-Where would you hide out?

A special thanks to Dallas’ lovely lady Jenna for filming/interviewing Dal. I’m sure she hears enough stupid things come out of Dallas’ mouth without any encouragement, so I apprectiate her taking the time and being a good sport.

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