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08.26.10 | Comment?

Last week, when Gage went to his friends cottage for a few days, I lent him my old camera (the one that has no flash and constantly flashes an error code on screen) which still works for videos and photos in bright places. When he got home the other day, I asked to see his photos. He said he had forgotten all about it, and had only taken “two really cool videos” with it. I was excited to see these “really cool videos” so I turned the camera on and hit play. Both videos were about 35 seconds long, and both were videos of him and Mac playing Call of Duty. Neither was “really cool”, and it seemed like a waste of taking a camera up north for a week.

Later, Holly and I were watching tv, and Gage came to ask if he could use the camera to film Roan. I said sure, then forgot all about it. Yesterday I woke up miserable, and stayed that way for most of the day. Then I saw my camera sitting on the table and remembered that Gage was using it the night before. I hit the play button to see what he’d recorded and it instantly brought a smile to my face.

The first video is the best. It reminds me of me as a kid. I had a stuffed bear that was about the same height as me, and I would wrestle and toss him all over my parent’s house right up until I was probably Gage’s age. The video got even better when Roan started teabag’ing his stuffed animal and Gage chimes in – making his presence known for the first time – by saying “You go Tiger!” in his attempt at a lisp-y voice.

This second video is just Roan trying to convince Gage to make a funny video with him, but Gage isn’t willing. Roan then tries to get Gage to take a picture of him in a cool pose, which then turns into him smashing the chair with a broom handle repeatedly. Not as great as the first video, but it still makes me laugh.

I’m definitely going to have to let them use that camera more.

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