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Cobra cash-flow cures Cobra woe

09.01.10 | 1 Comment


Yesterday I finally got paid for the hours I submitted on the 20th of August. It took forever, and I got dinged $30 because it got wired as opposed to direct deposited, but at least it’s finally here. I can now put my mind at ease, and also start to pay back Holly for all the help and support she’s given me since we’ve been together.

It turned out that the bank had given me the wrong account number, and Naomi had added an E to the end of my last name. Once that was all sorted out it didn’t take long to show up in my account (minus $30 though). I’m a little confused as to how the first direct payment actually came through, as she would have used the wrong account number that time too, but it still worked. I asked the bank, but they seem to never give me a straight answer (plenty of attitude, but no answers).

When Holly got home from work she handed me 25 resumes and cover letters she had printed for me, then helped me fold them after I signed each one. Then she took the boys and I to her friend Heather’s house for a barbecue and swim. We relaxed on the patio and had some drinks while the boys swam, then Roan taught me how to properly eat a “wish-chip” (above) while Holly and Heather got dinner ready.

This morning I had to email Naomi some images of the log house they build at the ISBA log course (can YOU spot the Cobra?). She had called last night, after we got the bank stuff figured out, and asked if I had any images so she didn’t have to use the same old shitty pictures they had on file. I sent her a few different views of the project building, then sent her a bunch of my notes from when I took the course. I’m not sure if they’ll use the notes, but I know if I was a student and I had the option of James’ two second chalk drawings or one of my highly accurate (and detailed!) renderings, I’d choose the latter every time.

After that, I rode my bike over to the bank and got money, then mailed all those resumes. Now I’m blogging for an hour or so while I enjoy a coffee and some sanity, then it’s back to perfecting the first, of what could possibly be many, volumes of the Master’s Guide to … Everything.

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