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Cobra consoles come back with a vengeance

09.10.10 | 1 Comment

That video right there, that’s my original 360 – the one that was given to me personally by Silicon Knights for being the best gamer in all of St Catharines (and for being one of the 4 actual fans of Too Human) which I then had modded by The Shawnz only to have it RROD a short time later and subsequently suffer a failed flash resulting in a bricked disc drive. After sitting on a shelf for nearly five years (wow, seems like it hasn’t been out nearly that long) it has been successfully repaired (minus the disc drive) and with any luck, it will have a Jtag installed before the weekend is over.

Shawn was recently motivated to get his 360 back up and running due to the upcoming release of Dead Rising 2, and he decided while he was in there fiddling he might as well look into installing a Jtag. Luckily for me, he’s super handy and always willing to share his skills with me. He called and asked if I still had my box (which I recently almost tossed – thank god I didn’t) and said he wanted to try fixing it. If it works, the boys will be stoked. They’re constantly going nuts when they get into a hacked game. I’m confident Shawn can get it working (as is he) but that doesn’t mean we’ll be able to modify games. It will mean we can do some other fun things though, and we’ll have a second working xbox.

Tomorrow morning I want to go look for the 2 diodes Shawn needs to finish the install, then I’m off to look at MDF at the Home Depot because someone hates me.

1 Comment

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