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Cobra custom crafts cease completely

09.10.10 | 3 Comments


For the last few weeks I’ve been trying to figure out what to do for Holly that would be a great birthday gift. I had a couple ideas already, but they were terrible. I decided to cop out and do something she’s always asking me to, but have never gotten around to – building book shelves for her 177 135 Stephen King novels. I took a break from work this morning and designed something I could easily construct with my lack of money and tools. I’m pretty proud of it. It should, in theory, work perfectly for holding both large and small books (with or without pictures), as long as all the joinery is tight.

I won’t be the one to find out if it works however, as yet another Cobra conceived craft has been kiboshed before construction. Holly doesn’t want this, so instead I’ll make something out of MDF and slap a piece of moulding on it. If YOU would like to find out if it works and is awesome, follow the drawing above. It’s got all the dimensions you need (except the pegs, and tenon offsets) and if you have any questions you can send them to [email protected]

shelf1blog small

Here’s a rendering of what the finished product should look like (depending on what type of wood/finish you choose to use). Although it was designed for Stephen King novels and the Twilight series, I am relatively certain the design is compatible with most other books, but cannot be held responsible if it causes the formation of a gravitational singularity that sucks up your entire house the minute you set The Giving Tree on it.

shelf2 blog small

If you (whoever you are) decide to construct this finely designed Cobra bookcase, please contact me at the email address above and provide photos of your finished product, maybe some of your progress, and definitely any of your house getting swallowed up by a singularity (if that’s even possible to photograph??). I will be sure to post about it here, and you’ll then be famous and get more chicks.

Good luck Cobra carpernters. Remember: Mercy is for the weak!


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