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Birthday bookshelves now allow for possible picture frames

09.13.10 | Comment?

shelf for holly4copyblog

Looks like I spoke too soon on my previous post. After sleeping on it, and a little salesmanship on my behalf, Holly changed her mind on the birthday bookshelf. On Saturday morning I had to model a mock up of what built-in bookshelves would look like so Holly could see the difference.

After agreeing to change the  design so it can accommodate a third shelf, and eliminating the 10° slope so the shelves are not limited to books but can also be used to rest picture frames on when needed, she agreed to go with my original design.

shelf for holly3blog2

I spent a few minutes yesterday afternoon making the changes to the model, and dimensioning some new shop drawings. Overall, the design hasn’t changed that much. It’s now 8″ taller, and there are three sets of plumb/level shelves which are perfect for picture frames, and books. I also decided to make the wedges a little bigger on the vertical supports. The original design had them smaller on one tenon than on the other, but I decided to make life easier by using the same size for all.

shelf for holly3blog

I plan to go later today and see what wood I can get that would be suitable for this design. My dad lent me his circular saw, since I have yet to replace the one I left in someone’s car, but I’d rather use a table saw so I’m hoping Holly’s dad will let me use his and possibly his surface planer (if needed). With any luck I will have at least one (hopefully 3) completed before Saturday.

It’s very important we get these vampire novels, and bombshell bio’s off the carpet A.S.A.P.

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