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Cobra custom cash card

09.20.10 | Comment?


Saturday was Holly’s birthday. I haven’t been able to obtain the materials I need to construct her shelves yet (hopefully today is the day though), but I did make her a card. Since her and the boys are heading to Disney in November, all she wanted was American money, so I decided to make her card out of money and put a note inside.

It wasn’t my first idea, but I struggled with figuring out how to make a decent card. Then I remembered that Holly brought home a bunch of paper clips a few weeks ago when she brought a stack of resumes for me to sign. Before that I was going to attempt to fold the money into a card, but I didn’t want to crease the bills – they came out of the bank machine feeling fake they were so fresh! I used every paper clip we had,  it took me about 15 minutes and a lot of patience.


If I had more money to give I’d have made it a little different. I would have weaved the bills so that it was more firm (and possibly omit the paper clips), but I think that would have taken at least another $200.

Later today I have to call about getting lumber for the shelves, and then hopefully by this evening I’ll be laying out joints in the basement. Holly is off to So You Think You Can Dance tonight (and again next week), and the boys are at their dad’s. With any luck I can have all the layout done on at least one set of shelves before she even gets home, and maybe even some of the cutting.

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