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Cobra cats capture invading rats

09.23.10 | Comment?

Well mice actually. This morning around 2:30 am, I woke up to a noise I thought was something stuck in the fan (it was rhythmic, and seemed to be the same tone and length every time). I couldn’t see anything and decided to not bother Holly (who hasn’t been feeling well) by turning the light on. I tried to go back to sleep. After about fifteen minutes of lying there Holly sat up and I asked her if she knew what that sound was. She identified it right away as Oliver’s usual “Look what I caught!” noise, then put a pillow over her face (she can embalm a corpse that’s been rotting for days, but can’t bare to look at a mouse in her house?).

I jumped up, grabbed my camera and chased the cats down to the main floor. Oliver ran into Gage’s room and laid in a pile of his clothes. I got him to move into the kitchen, then opened the front door and picked him up (I would have grabbed him sooner, but I was worried that when I did, he’d drop it and it would take off). Usually when he goes outside he freezes and meows in terror. I set him down, turned on the camera and sure enough the little bastard tried to take off on me. I stopped recording and grabbed him. Once I had a hold of him, I shook him a little and he loosened his grip. I picked him up again and shook him a little more, and he dropped it. As soon as it hit the ground the mouse took off running. I wasn’t sure it was still alive, and it might not be anymore. I did notice however that the mouse pooped in Oliver’s mouth while I was picking him up. Gross.

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