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A model idiot

12.23.10 | 1 Comment

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Monday night was the annual Kicking the Christ Out of Christmas, Klopeks show. We had planned to go, along with Syx and Taryn who came by after checking out of their honeymoon suite and took me to breakfast at the Flying Saucer. Just before Holly got home, it started snowing pretty bad. We all decided to stay in, and I was absent at yet another Klopeks show. I miss Klopeks shows.

I still had a great time hanging out with Holly and the newlyweds, watching East Bound and Down, and smoking fat dubs. The next morning Syx and Taryn joined me for my morning coffe walk, then I asked for a lesson in photography. Syx is an amazing photographer, and knows a ton. My only interest in learning about basic photography is out of a desire to be able to light my renderings better. Most of the images I produce can look incredibly different just by changing a few basic camera settings. I unfortunately have no idea what any of them do.

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Syx did his best to explain white balance and temperatures to me, and I think I got a good chunk of it. He also gave me a hands on lesson while forcing me to get my picture taken (not fond of having other people take my picture, see: low self-esteem). I got my first taste of the other type of modeling. The two photos above were taken by Taryn with her iphone. Syx had me put them up on my monitors while he took a bunch of photos. I was pretty uncomfortable, but fortunately for me the photographer insisted I be smoking a joint in the photo. I’ll take discomfort and fat joints over plain old discomfort anyday.

I’m hoping Syx will email me the finished product, because I’ve never seen anyone look bad or awkward in any of his photos, and I’ve never seen a photo of myself (well, very few) where I’m not awkward or looking like shit. Maybe a nice portrait will boost my self confidence…

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