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12.23.10 | Comment?


As some of you may have noticed, my blog has been put back to normal. I’ve been asked to restore it since the day I started removing things, but had been reluctant to do so until Holly had made a firm decision on her policing future. I was afraid I’d ruin things for her, but I don’t think it matters anymore.

This weekend past, we went to Wheatly for a wedding celebration. Our friends Syx and Taryn got married in Vancouver in August, and since a lot of their family and friends are located in Ontario they also held a reception type celebration back here.


Holly and I went up with Pepper (who is distancing himself from his true identity) and Chantal on Saturday morning. We stopped for lunch, then went and found a cheap, shitty motel that had two joined rooms for $60 in Leamington. It cost us $20 (including $5 tip!) to get a cab to the party, and the hosts were kind enough to provide free drinks until 6:30. I guess what I’m saying is, it was a cheap weekend for the most part.

Just before dinner I had a conversation with Chantal while we were sharing a smoke. I think we were both a little drunk at that point (I rarely drink, it doesn’t agree with me) and we got into some deep, interesting conversation. We eventually cut it short since we were the only ones not taking part in dinner. I unfortunately didn’t find much I would eat at the party, and ended up having a bun. It went nicely with the bagel I had for lunch (<- sarcasms). The only other thing I consumed was a pot cookie and almost a dozen beers.


After the party cleared out, the bride and groom, along with the groom’s brother and all of us staying in our motel headed over to some shitty little strip club in Leamington. It was classy (<- double sarcasms). There was an agile little stripper who did some interesting acrobatics (along with some nasty stripper things) to this song. It was strange. We stayed there until they kicked us out, then walked back to the motel.

Orbax shared our rooms, and between him and Pepper snoring and trying to find the bathroom in the middle of the night, I didn’t get a wink of sleep. The next morning I was hurting. We had to check out and meet Syx, Taryn and their family for breakfast and I was dying. We got to the restaurant and I attempted to take part, but I had to ask Holly for the keys so I could go wait in the car. I didn’t make it to the car. I barfed all over a snow bank near the car, got a dirty wife-beater out of the trunk, and cleaned myself off, then headed back inside for breakfast. I didn’t eat anything, just some apple juice (my favourite juice!), but I felt a lot better.


The ride home was good, until we got to the falls. It literally turned into terrible roads the minute we hit the St Catharines / Niagara Falls border. When we got home the plan was to nap, but I suck at those. Instead we went out for nachos and drinks with Syx and Taryn who came down for a honeymoon. We had fun, then I finally got some decent sleep. When I got up Saturday morning I asked the magic 8-ball if the weekend would suck. It did not lie – I had a great time.

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