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Cards for cobras

12.23.10 | Comment?


Yesterday I spent an hour or so making a card for Roan. I got the above one from him the night before (not really sure why, but I’ll take it!), and promised to return the gesture when I had time. I didn’t feel much like working or cleaning in the morning, so I modeled him and I as robot army dudes kicking some ass. I think he was expecting me to draw him a card, but I wanted to make something nice and that’s not possible with my art skills. Good thing I can Sketchup.

Army robots for roan12blog

Here’s an image of the models I made of him and I. The actual card has a few images of us and an action scene on the front. I emailed a copy of it to Holly and she was kind enough to print it before she came home. Unfortunately I messed up the layout and a bit of the right side got cut off. Aside from that, it looks pretty pro. Roan loved it, so that’s really all that matters.

I tried to do a sweet rendering of us in action, but I realized after fiddling around for another hour, that it was a bad idea to tie my machine up with a massive rendering. I still have to get the newest layout for the book up to James’ standards before I relax and enjoy xmas with my peeps.

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