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Cool guy looking to meet other cool guys who want to play games together online – Nothing sexual

02.10.11 | Comment?

In case you forgot about my love for all things video game, I will reiterate it now; I love video games! I especially love online games I can play with my friends. This seems to be getting ever more difficult to arrange however, and I find myself getting frustrated. The problem is that not all my friends game and of the ones who do, not all play what I play or when I play. The other day I gave Jon shit for not putting his project on hold so we could kill some zombies, and I told him I was working on a flier to help me recruit some new cool gaming friends that game more games than him (borrowing an idea I saw on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia). Above is my idea for a graphic for said flier. I didn’t spend much time on it (maybe half an hour), but I really like it.

This morning I pitched an idea to Jon for a gamer networking site that connects online players with people who share similar interests and online ethics that would otherwise never find each other. He agreed that it’s a decent idea, but he’s got far too many things on the go to take on another project. If I didn’t feel the same I’d consider taking it upon myself to learn the necessary programing to create such a site, but who knows how long that would actually take. I have no idea what is involved in turning my concepts into reality (but I hear it helps to have a moustache). Jon suggested he first create a site that connects programmers with knobs like myself who are full of ideas, but lack technical knowledge. I think that’s his passive aggressive attempt at telling me to find some other programming friends while I’m out canvassing for gamers.

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