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Weekend breakdown – take two

02.16.11 | Comment?

Yesterday I wrote a fairly lengthy blog entry about our weekend in Windsor, only to have it completely disappear for no reason at all when I tried to post it. It seems ever since my WordPress got updated it’s been acting strange on my laptop. It seems to work fine on my windows machine, so perhaps it’s just an issue with Linux. Either way I’m resorting to an unordered list of things that happened this weekend instead of rewriting the entire post again.

  • Picked up Holly’s parents around 10:30am Saturday
  • Arrived in Windsor at Holly’s grandmother’s house around 1:30pm
  • Toured retirement home, ironed out insurance details with grandma
  • Dropped Holly’s parents off at her uncle Brian’s house
  • Dropped our stuff at Holly’s aunt Lana’s house
  • Met her parents, uncle and brother at TBQ for dinner
  • Ate hummus
  • Went to Sportsman’s Club for party around 8pm

  • Said hello and happy birthday to Holly’s aunt Michelle
  • Gave her an awkward gift (a picture of my eyes, she asked for it…)
  • Drank a bunch of beer
  • Met a bunch of Holly’s family (Jesus, there’s hundreds of them!)
  • Had some good conversations
  • Listened to a band play 2 or 3 decent songs and a bunch of shit
  • People watched
  • Listened to Holly and her cousin talk catty
  • Studied several species of animal mounted on the club walls
  • Studied several dancing humans of varying age/weight/ability
  • Drank more beer

  • Found passed out dancing human (above) by fluke and saved his life
  • Left party around 1:30am, went back to aunt Lana and uncle Tom’s
  • Helped Tom carry leftover food into awesome garage around 1:45am
  • Discovered I was allowed to smoke weed in awesome garage at 1:52am
  • Smoke weed and have deep conversations in awesome garage until 5am
  • Re-enter house and discover Holly’s missing
  • Find her laying on bathroom floor
  • Hold her hair
  • Get water and mobile vomit receptacle (large bowl)
  • Walk her back to bed
  • Wake up at 1pm
  • Drink coffee and listen to drama from the night before
  • Leave for home around 2pm
  • Arrive home around 5:30pm
  • Received phone call around 6:00pm from Holly’s dad
  • Learn tires on car we bought from grandma (which he is driving) suck
  • New car arrives around 6:30pm (minus a tire)
  • Drop Holly’s parents off around 6:35pm in sweet ’97 The Sword (Le Sabre) with a flat doughnut

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