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A squirrel in lion’s clothing

02.17.11 | Comment?

Our friend Lesley set up an appointment for us last night with her friend who does pet grooming. I wanted to get Mr. Squirrel the “lion” hairdo because I think it looks super cute and figured I might as well add another layer to her identity issues. She was very quiet in the car on the ride to and from the groomers, and sat still for quite a while before starting to squirm. Even when she squirmed it was mostly due to the other cat that was roaming around making her nervous, otherwise she seemed fairly content with the attention she was getting.

It seems to be nearly impossible to get a decent picture of her new ‘do, but trust me it’s awesome. Her tail looks just like a lions, and her head looks big and fat compared to her skinny little neck. Unfortunately her boots don’t stick out as much as some of the other cats I’ve seen with this hairdo, but I think it’s just because of her colours. I’m also kind of sad I didn’t remember to tell the girl not to cut her little toe hairs. If you look close in the top picture, you can see she had what looks like claws made of fur sticking out from the ends of her paws. It was one of the things Holly and I loved about her, and I wasn’t expecting the groomer to trim them, but she did.

I’m pretty sure she loves her new look, and probably appreciates the time she will save bathing too. She definitely wasted no time assuming the role of King of the Jungle as you can see in the photo above.

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