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Cobra cabinet slips through cracks

02.18.11 | Comment?

I was looking through some of my renderings this morning and realized I had forgotten to post this. When I originally posted my arcade cabinet concepts I made the mistake of claiming it would be impossible to render the machine and include the screen shot and other imported images that appear in the model. I figured it all out the day after I posted the cabinets, then spent a day avoiding my machine while it struggled to pump out a few low-res images which would hopefully look real. They aren’t as good as I’d hoped, but they still look okay.

I avoided posting them right away because there was an abundance of arcade cabinet images on the front page of this blog already, and although these look much cooler than the previous ones, they’re essentially the same thing. Then I forgot all about it.

The way I fixed the problem was actually incredibly simple and gave me a bunch of ideas for fun things to make in the future. Basically I have to turn the images into textures, then do a little fiddling and adjusting until everything looks right. If I wasn’t so busy with the book right now, or if I had another machine, I would do some sweet renderings of the other cabinets I designed. For now, they’ll have to wait.

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