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Foosball flashbacks

05.19.11 | Comment?

A couple weeks ago Holly and I drove up to Toronto in her work van built for hauling bodies, to obtain the Foosball table pictured above. It was kindly donated to the Cobra game room (currently located in my parent’s basement) courtesy of Jon and Laura. Apparently Laura had it for years, but rarely (or maybe even never) used it. When she moved out she left it with her parents. Recently they decided to move, and wanted to get rid of it. I was more than happy to take it, and my parents were kind enough to allow me to add it to the pile of stuff I keep at their house.

When I was a kid I loved playing on the table at Rack and Roll with my friends. It wasn’t our favourite game to play, but it was the cheapest. It was also one of the few games where, if you were quick (or smart and sneaky), you could prevent the ball from ever falling into the goal, and a 50¢ game would last until we got busted or bored or a fight broke out.

Once, when I was about 14 (mum, you may want to stop reading around here), myself and a group of friends went to smoke a couple joints and kick a hacky sack around at an elementary school (after hours of course). A couple minutes after we finished our “session” a cop dressed in a Kevlar vest, army boots and aviators came walking around the corner with his German shepherd. I think everyone panicked at that moment, but some of us handled it better than others. After calling backup, searching us all, expressing disappointment, confiscating the first pipe I ever made, and giving us back all our pot the cops then informed us all that they’d be paying each of our parents a visit that evening. They told us we had better be there when they arrived, so to head home now and inform our parents that they were on their way to break the news – your kids suck and are evil.

Dallas and I may have only been 14, but we weren’t stupid. We decided the cops had just tried to get us to rat ourselves out. It took some convincing on our behalf, but we eventually got everyone to agree that the best thing to do was ignore the cops advice and go play Foosball. Now whenever I play Foosball, I think of the night we outsmarted the cops.

I took a video of the first game played on the new table (The Cobras Vs. The Cobra Mums), but I’m not having any luck getting it to embed on this post. I’ll post it later using Gage’s computer. My HTML functions are messed up when using Linux ever since WordPress updated.


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