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Cobra tattoos make Pew Pew Pews

05.26.11 | Comment?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I bought a tattoo shop from a creepy old douche. A short time later I booted the douche, and had a fun time working in and owning the shop. During those years I got tattooed weekly. When I finally sold the shop about eight years ago, I decided to slow down the pace at which I was covering my body. I figured I had plenty already, and plenty of life left in which to finish the job, but mainly I wasn’t keen on the idea of having to pay full price (or at all) for the work. Slowing down the pace means, I’ve been tattooed once since I left the shop.

Last week, my good friend Tony Mike (who has become my other main zombie killing partner, whenever Holly isn’t available) got a tattoo we had been talking about. It’s a Raygun from Call of Duty Nazi Zombies, which is one of our favourites, and absolutely essential to survival. Tony works at a nice shop in Burlington, with his good friend and roommate, Franz. Franz tattoos, and often the four of us (Franz, Tony, Holly and I) team up to kill zombies together. Tony set us up with some appointments on Saturday, so Holly and I both got the beautiful blaster above.

I  now know what I want for my next few tattoos, and who I want to do them. Now it’s just a matter of time and money.

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